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Consulting Services

We provide an array of services to help families with estate and succession planning.

Estate & Succession Planning

The Bentz Advantage Process

Using a proven and time-tested process, we help families look over the horizon and build a plan to transition to the next generation of leaders and owners.


Because this process is lengthy and involves a high degree of interaction, we bid The Bentz Advantage as a fixed-fee engagement to remove the pressure of being "on the clock."

As a business consulting firm, we will work closely with you and your existing legal, tax, and other professional advisors to create and implement your estate and succession plan. We can refer you to legal, tax, and other advisors if necessary.


We've broken The Bentz Advantage into 3 phases with specific deliverables and milestones:

Phase 1a
Estate Playbook
  • Do you have a plan for what will happen to your estate? Do you have a will or a trust setup for your estate?

  • We will help you identify and gather all the information needed to create your estate plan.

  • We will guide you through the planning options and strategies available to you

  • We will create The Bentz Advantage: Estate Playbook document detailing your desires, chosen strategies, and legal documents that need to be prepared.

  • We will facilitate family meetings to ensure your estate plan is communicated clearly.

  • This phase typically takes 3-6 months to complete.

Phase 1b
Succession Playbook
  • Transitioning ownership of a business to a new generation of owners and leaders can be a challenging and emotional process. The Bentz Advantage: Succession Playbook offers families the support they need to make it a smooth and manageable experience.

  • We will perform an analysis of the current operation and leadership of the business.

  • We will conduct a team building workshop with the current and future leaders, along with other key players, using The Six Types of Working Genius assessment.

  • We will help both the current and next generation of leaders develop goals and action plans for the succession transition.

  • We will help both the current and next generation of owners develop an approve an ownership transition plan.

  • We will create The Bentz Advantage: Succession Playbook, which will document all of these goals and action plans and outline the legal documents and other professional services required to implement the succession plan.

  • We will facilitate a meeting with all interested parties to discuss and get buy-in on the plan outlined in the Playbook.

  • This process typically takes 6-9 months to complete and is done in parallel with The Bentz Advantage: Estate Playbook if required.

Phase 2
Quarterback Support
  • Using The Bentz Advantage: Estate and Succession Playbooks, we work closely with you and your professional advisor team to oversee the playbook's implementation and ensure that your goals are reached in a timely manner.

  • This phase typically takes 3-6 months to complete, following the completion of the Playbook(s).

Phase 3
Ongoing Coaching
  • Once the structures and entities outline in the Playbook(s) have been implemented, the real work of transition begins!

  • We provide ongoing support, coaching, and meeting facilitation services for you and your successors as you implement your transition plan.

Trust and Estate Services

Estate Tax Return
  • We provide comprehensive estate tax return preparation and filing services, including Form OR-706 Oregon Estate Transfer Tax and the option to process and file Sched OR-NRC for the Oregon Natural Resource Credit.

Fiduciary Income Tax Return
  • We are highly experienced in filing IRS Form 1041, Form 8855, and Form OR-41, so you can trust us to get your taxes done correctly and on-time.

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